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The simple sock is many things. It offers protection from abrasion, wicks away perspiration and keeps a foot comfy inside a shoe. It is the small detail that brings a look together and can be the flair that wins you a job or even the sparkle that catches her eye.

There are, however, some vital rules to heed. A pair must match. They must be clean and discarded at the first sign of wear. Men’s should be knee-length so that no leg is exposed. They should match the trouser or the shoe, or the shirt or the tie, or none of those. They should be plain or patterned, thick or thin. They could be cotton, cashmere, silk, wool, linen, mohair or bamboo.

So perhaps the sock is not that simple after all.

Despite this, or because of it, socks are rarely given the attention they deserve. Why would one not treat feet with the greatest of care when they perform such strenuous daily roles? And why would one wear expensive shoes and Japanese denim with cheap synthetic socks?!

Socksy was founded to help you break this paradox.

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