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In 1970, after long experiences in leading companies of the sector, Mario Bresciani decided to set up his own business and established the Mario Bresciani snc sock factory in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova, ltaly).Bresciani’s attention to details begins with the selection of the finest and natural yarns in cotton, wool, cashmere, hemp, silk and linen. Rigorous quality control, highly skilled workmanship (all socks are hand linked) and computer technology ensure that our products meet the highest standards. This is the basis that has provided our long term cooperation with well known stylists while explaining our presence in leading menswear stores all over the world.

Hemp, linen, Egyptian cotton, Merino Wool, Cashmere and Silk…


MAZARIN grand faiseur is a brand of sock which entails prestige, and as such is designed with France’s academics in mind, as well as any men of exceptional taste. MAZARIN grand faiseur is the result of a collaboration between specialists in socks and Alain Stark, tailor at the illustrious Stark and Sons at 16 rue de la Paix in Paris. MAZARIN grand faiseur has developed a range of socks in colours for the ‘green coats’ at the Academie Francaise. MAZARIN grand faiseur socks are made from the finest quality materials. MAZARIN grand faiseur aims to provide the best in order to satisfy even the most demanding of people.

Vibrant and elegant colours. Silky Egyptian cotton.


Since 1798, the Gammarelli family has ensured the elegance of the Popes. The renowned Gammarelli tailor has been in charge of Pope’s, cardinal’s and bishops’ clothing for decades, with their demand for quality and meticulousness never flagging.The subtle elegance of these socks has enticed clientele from all over the world and this website now offers them the possibility to indulge their love of sophistication. These red socks, directly imported from Gammarelli in Rome, are made out of the best lisle fabrics.They are available in three colors, cardinal red, bishop purple and deep black. Gammarelli socks are extremely light and stylish which gives them such an infallible means by which to stand out.

Tailor for the Roman Clergy and most Popes since 1798

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