Wool Ski Socks, Thermal Warm Knee High

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Warm ski socks are made of natural Merino wool which has excellent thermal insulation, comfort and breathability. In cold weather, sport for a long time can still maintain the best heated of your feet, don't worry about cold toes. Perfect for skiing, snowboard, hunting, hiking, cycling, trekking, mountain climbing, ice fishing or playing winter sports.


The length of the winter socks over the calf, medium thickness which can reduce leg pressure and promote blood circulation. These wool socks feature thick terry loop in forefoot, heel and toe specifically engineered for minimize the friction between the feet and the boots and reduction of the feet during sports or daily activities. Designed for shock to prevent blisters and soreness in your feet, keeping your feet warm and comfortable.

Cold weather and long time exercise prone to strain and cramp, compression design provides strong support for muscle, prevent injuries during exercise.These snow socks for women and men have been designed and feature a moderate compression that ensures the ski socks stay in place.The heated socks are highly elastic and easy to put on and take off. The anti-static design is especially friendly to winter, and there will be no static troubles anymore.

As we all know, The performance of wool is comparable to breathing fiber.The selected merino wool in the ski socks is moisture wicking, preventing any buildup of sweat. They are also breathable and thermal regulating, keeping feet at the perfect temperature to prevent you from either feeling too warm or too cold.Deodorizing performance prevents odor accumulation and keeps feet fresh.

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