Women's Thin Bamboo Seamless Toe

Color: Beige (4 Pack)
Size: 5-8.5
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 These long-lasting premium women dress bamboo socks made of seamlessness quality. They’re gently cushioning as if the wearer is walking on thick carpet. Enjoy saying goodbye rubbing, chafing and discomfort.


We recommend washing rather than dry cleaning for bamboo socks. Use the gentle wash cycle or hand wash and use a good brand of gentle soap powder or liquid. We recommend not to use bleach, chlorine bleaches which may often cause yellowing.

Our exclusive bamboo socks are guaranteed to keep your feet fresh and dry with moisture-wicking quality. These dress socks made of the thermo-regulating fabric, super comfortable, extremely breathable are awesome socks‘re for women.

Most people would like their feet to remain fresh and odor-free. Bamboo socks are composed of naturally bamboo fibers which drastically reduce foot odor. The bamboo fabric allows feet to stay cool in the heat and stay comfortably warm on colder days. The eco-friendly bamboo fibres are more gentle than many manmade fibres and do not irritate the skin in the same way.

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