Pregnancy Sock All Day Soft Comfort Fit

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Reduce swelling in your feet, ankles, and legs. Belair tailored graduated compression maternity support eases leg fatigue by improving healthy circulation giving you relief from achy legs in your day to day activities.

 Belair graduated compression technology eases pressure from your feet through your calves which prevents blood from collecting in the small veins in the legs. Healthy venous blood flow in the legs will reduce the likelihood of varicose veins developing in addition to alleviating your pain.

Premium breathability coupled with soothing nylon/lycra micro-weave knit will be your favorite thing about Belair maternity compression wear. These stylish knee high socks will be your sock drawer go to – from lounging around the house, running errands, to working on your feet all day - you will be assured of soothing comfort every time you slip them on.

Pregnancy can bring edema & swelling to your feet, ankles, calves and knees. It nags you throughout the day and it can be very difficult to find relief – until now. Belair compression knit cross weave provides the perfect balance of support, comfort, and swelling control. A flawless blend of style and function, Belair maternity compression socks will give you protection that lasts.

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