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These UK JCB socks for men 6-8.5 are perfect long socks and will be your welly socks staples. With comfort being integral to the design of these JCB socks, these Men's welly boot socks have full terry comfort cushioning throughout the socks which acts as an anti-shock. These fantastic welly socks have been engineered with reactive yarn technology making them warm socks whilst wicking moisture, keeping feet dry, comfortable and fresh for longer.

These boot socks are soft men's black socks with khaki/ black twist design, and provide comfort throughout the day. These men's boot socks have a comfort top aerobic welt, are cotton rich, and have reinforced heel and toes making these durable hardwearing socks. These men's work socks are great to be worn throughout the entire day. The number 1 work boot sock in the UK, these welly long socks enable you to throw yourself into any work environment, keeping you comfortable.

 These work socks men's 6-8.5 are made from REACTIVE Yarn technology, which is warmer than wool and lighter than both polyester and nylon, making these welly socks durable and hardwearing. The yarn provides warmth and comfort and also features a cushion layering which provides additional comfort and acts as an anti-shock. These JCB socks are durable and wick away the moisture so are perfect for all day wear

 These pack of 1 long socks for men have reinforced heels and toes integrated within the design to provide additional durability making these hardwearing socks. The aerobic welt adds comfort to your leg and the reinforced heel and toes makes these JCB welly socks hardwearing and durable socks, ensuring your feet will be looked after all day. An essential addition to your men's clothes, this essential range of socks provides durability and comfort all year round

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