Extra Wide Diabeti Socks for Swollen Feet

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Extra Wide Socks are different from normal diabetic socks in market. The top of socks can stretches up to 30" wide and the socks with thicker footbed design, you will not feel cold on sole. Edema socks can help you reduce the pain from ankles, swollen feet ,or calves resulting from lymphedema and similar condition. In addition,our socks have an anti-Slip down design at the top , preventing socks slip down around your ankles effectively after wearing it for a while.

. Hospital Socks fit all sizes-This extra wide hospital sock with high quality elastic.It accommodates feet of all sizes and provides perfect coverage and comfort both for users.One Size Unisex and fits from Mens 10-13 and 13-15,Womens 7-9 and 9-16. helps you maintain normal blood circulation while making your every step comfortable and less painful.

Edema socks withnon-skid grips, avoiding the dangers of slipping while walking. The diabetic cast socks’ inverted toe seam cover design will not hurt or irritate your toes. About materials, we use the low composition cottons and high composition polyester. As a kind of professional hospital socks, we clearly know that cotton with moisture-absorbing effect, but without wicking. Patients need keep their feet dry ,so high composition polyester will be better.

 Our bariatric socks has moisture-wicking effect unlike regular big bariatric socks. Our Bulinlulu extra wide diabetic socks also suit for Lymphedema drainage ,Edema,Cast, Bariatric,Swollen feet. Patients Who wearing a cast also is especially suitable for our extra wide lymphedema socks.

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