Elite Compression Socks Women & Men

Size: Small-Medium
Color: [1 Pair] Black/Grey
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57% Nylon, 25% Lycra Spandex, and 18% Sweat-wicking Nylon

Please disregard the 15-22mmHg on the package paper that was printed incorrectly. All our compression socks are 20-30mmHg Compression. 

Made with 57% nylon, 25% lycra spandex, and 18% nylon. This high quality material blend ensures flexibility and reduces odors. We understand that each foot has its own curves and features. That is why each sock is designed specifically for the right or le.

Lower leg pain and leg cramps are the leading cause of abandoned jogging routines. Compression socks can help prevent shin splints, aching muscles, and post workout soreness. Our compression socks enable more oxygen


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