Compression Socks for Women

Size Name: S-M
Colour Name: Black and White
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Compression socks crafted from a nylon, polyester, and elastane mix, to offer both elasticity and breathability, fine textile technology, high quality textile socks, breathable, comfortable, full of elasticity. Tight stitching and non-slip cuffs provide effective compression.



 Our graduation compression technology - the design of pressure from the ankle to the calf decreases gradually (20-30 mmHg) provides the ideal compression to provide the maximum boost to your blood circulation.



This kind of compression sock is very easy to take care of, hand washes, machine washes all can, After several washes, the stockings are still great. Non-Slip and the colour is always the same as before washing.



The colours and patterns on them are fun and bright. Just the right amount of tightness needed. They're great for everyday wear without feeling too medical.



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