Compression Socks (3 Pairs) for Men Circulation 20-30 mmhg

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Compression Socks get your blood in style! Relieve varicose veins or other leg-swelling problems. Prevent blood clots after surgery! The support offered by these compression socks is perfectly located on Heel, Foot & Calves, and the toe area won ' t squeeze your aching toe joints. Instant Comfort & Support.

If you have to get lots of standing or walking in day or night such as runners, sale clerks, teachers, aged people, you'd better try it. It can promote venous reflex, prevent the formation of deep venous thrombosis. Compression socks are suitable for your work, exercise or travel by train or plane. It can alleviate leg’s swelling.

It can prevent thrombosis and effectively moisture wicking. Because of the compression socks' unique soft and breathable design, your toe will not feel squeezed. Now choose a pair of high-quality compressed socks for your feet. Perfect for Running, Crossfit, Walkers, Pregnancy, Maternity, Vein Support, Marathons, Sports, Gym, Yoga, Spartan, Standing, Working, Sitting or Sleeping.

Designed with high quality Nylon Mix material. Better Blood Circulation-The strongest 20 - 30 mmHg compression in the ankle area will promote blood circulation and oxygen flow. Reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, reduce muscle fatigue during exercise.

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