Bamboo Women’s Low Cut Socks

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These high-quality bamboo socks for women offer a soft, supportive fit that pairs well with tennis shoes, sneakers, short boots, and other daily footwear, so you can better protection feet while keeping them dry.


Offering more cushioned comfort than standard cotton socks these women’s low rise ankle socks are ideal athletic wear for working out in the gym, running, hiking, doing Pilates, and enjoying an active lifestyle.

Bamboo socks are lightweight and super breathable which means they can help minimize foot sweat and odors, so you can feel more comfortable and confident when you’re working hard and on the go.

These are low rise socks women will love because they’re woven with a premier blend of 80% bamboo, 18% polyamide, and 2% elastane which gives them more flexibility and light compression from heel to toe.

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