6 Pairs Bamboo Diabetic Circulatory Ankle Socks

Color: 3 Black/3 White
Size: 13-15
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72% Bamboo viscose 20% Nylon 4% Polyester 4% Spandex.BampooPanPa Diabetic socks are made from bamboo fabrics that feel super soft against the skin. Bamboo fibers are an excellent option that reduce rough abrasion on the skin.


One of the most unique qualities of bamboo fiber is sweat absorption which can absorb up to 3 times its weight in water and its fabric can absorb water from the skin and make it evaporate and no more stink feet. A dry foot environment helps prevent skin infections and keeps feet comfortable for long periods.

Non-binding and soft-stretch top gently conforms to your feet without restricting circulation for ultimate comfort and optimal fit, allowing blood circulation to occur more easily.The non-restrictive top can prevent restriction of blood flow and improve comfort for swollen ankles.

Extra padding and cushioning for sensitive areas help prevent injury and enhances comfort.Smooth no-irritation seamless toe can protect from friction rubs, blisters and ulcers.

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