5 Pairs Diabetic Socks for Men

Size: 7.5-9.5
Color: Ecru - Linen&cotton
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GoWith Diabetic Socks for Men are made of premium soft and stretchy materials, which offers a fresh feeling as well as relieving impact on the effects of diabetes, edema, and neuropathy caused by circulatory effects. We offer several diabetic socks model that are made of variety of materials, so kindly check the variations for the primary materials of our men's diabetic socks.


Some results of diabetes on your feet can make physical activities difficult for you. These men's lightweight and non-binding diabetic socks are made to improve blood circulation in your feet to reduce the feel of these undesirable results. Natural fibers enable your feet to breathe all day long and keep your feet relaxed and refreshed to prevent irritating effects.

 GoWith comfy diabetic socks feature reinforced toes and heels which will perfectly support your feet while walking or standing. Furthermore, the materials used provide gentle yarns to make your socks soft, so you can make sure that you will feel like wearing a kind fabric

The fabrics of our men's diabetic socks have OEKO-TEX 100 standard certificate that assures the use of high quality and safe materials in the production.

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