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 Neuropathy Socks 4 Pairs of socks with ankle support brace, designed to be breathable, anti-slip and provide relief from neuropathy, sprained ankle and plantar fasciitis pain.our ankle support socks are odour-free, keep the skin clean and healthy and provide ankle stability. Ankle support provides support like a flexible foot brace to reduce your risk of injury and has a heel hug fit to maximise blood flow all the way to your toes.



The compression socks have a unique design with extra cushioning for maximum comfort and support. these compression socks provide ankle support and much needed natural pain relief for plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions. Helps those with foot injuries and chronic conditions to be able to stand and walk freely again.



The socks are suitable for both men and women.these plantar fasciitis socks are made from premium durable nylon that absorbs sweat and keeps your feet dry and fresh for maximum comfort during exercise.



The socks can be used for a variety of activities such as running, hiking, sports, and more.the neuropathy socks wont restrict your mobility like a plantar fasciitis night splint, so you can wear it during any sport. Our compression socks are perfect for athletes and runners. They support blood flow to reduce fatigue and promote recovery after exercise.



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