360 RELIEF Copper Compression Socks for Women

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Poor blood flow in your legs can cause pain, discomfort or even swelling. Our Copper Compressions Socks can help you with pain relief. They are designed to apply pressure to your legs which can reduce pain. Firm grip around your calves, helps to reduce the risk of developing varicose veins, DVT, spider veins, leg cramps, as well as easing of muscle soreness.



360 RELIEF COPPER COMPRESSION SOCKS CAN HELP YOU DURING PREGNANCY: During pregnancy, the body produces 50% more body fluid, which can cause legs and feet to swell. Wearing our compression socks during maternity can help to reduce this swelling by increasing the pressure in your body tissues.



Sitting down for long hours at work or standing all day on your feet, can cause blood clotting due to low blood circulation in your lower part of your body. Our compression socks can help with improve blood circulation. Compression socks can also help you during exercise, running, workout etc and protect you from fatigue, cramps, and heavy legs. Suitable for men and women.



It has been clinically proven, that compression socks can help to increase the blood flow, reducing blood circulatory problems, which include flight related DVT and swollen ankles.



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